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Welcome to the International Golf Network (IGN) Web Site.

For several years the International Association of Golf Administrators (IAGA - has been looking for ways to provide members of our independent asociations the ability to post scores at one location and have those scores routed back to the golfer's home association. We also have been looking at ways to provide "guest look up" for both our associations and our member clubs. The IAGA Board of Directors instructed the Network Committee to come up with a program that would accommodate both of these objectives. The development of new technology, in particular the internet, has opened up several options once considered unafordable. This will enable the IAGA to develop a network that will allow individual members the ability to post where they play and have the score routed back to their home club, providing the association belongs to the IGN.

What is the IGN?

The IGN is a non-profit corporation developed by the IAGA Network Committee which is operated by the participating golf associations for the sole purpose of providing their members with the ability to post anywhere they play. Currently, over 2 million golfers are represented at particpating IGN golf associations.

To find out more about the IGN, you can view this Windows Media Player movie.Play Movie.

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If you would like information on how your association can participate, please contact the IGN office.